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Diversity from an Investor's Perspective
How and why asset owners approach diversity and inclusion – and why the investment industry should care
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Moody's: Asset managers' sustainable investments risen
Global assets under management linked to firms that have become signatories to the PRI rose 195% to $62 trillion in April 2016 from $21 trillion in 2010. Investor expectations and regulations are driving demand for sustainable investing, says Moody’s.
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Partnerships Conference
On 16 March charities and corporates came together to share their experiences of creating world-class partnerships. Led by Professors Paul Palmer and Lynne Berry, speakers helped bring their knowledge of success, and some diffi culties, to the audience. The following is a short distillation of this hugely informative event.
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Postive Impact
How UK businesses are meeting their ESG Challenges 2017
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Foundation Giving Trends
Foundation grant-making has increased to an absolute record of £2.7bn according to the latest Foundation Giving Trends report.
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Global Divestment 2016
Commitments to fossil fuel divestment have doubled over the past 15 months to USD 5.197 trillion in assets.
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Compared to men, women view professional advancement as equally attainable, but less desirable
Women are underrepresented in most high-level positions in organizations. Though a great deal of research has provided evidence that bias and discrimination give rise to and perpetuate this gender disparity, in the current research we explore another explanation: men and women view professional advancement differently, and their views affect their decisions to climb the corporate ladder (or not).
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Executive board composition and bank risk taking
Little is known about how socioeconomic characteristics of executive teams affect corporate governance in banking. Exploiting a unique dataset, we show how age, gender, and education composition of executive teams affect risk taking of financial institutions. First, we establish that age, gender, and education jointly affect the variability of bank performance. Second, we use
difference-in-difference estimations that focus exclusively on mandatory executive retirements and find that younger executive teams increase risk taking, as do board changes that result in a higher proportion of female executives. In contrast, if board changes increase the representation of executives holding Ph.D. degrees, risk taking declines.
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IBE Attitudes of the British Public to Business Ethics 2015
What do the British public think of business behaviour?

Has public opinion improved, or do scandals continue to erode public trust? What issues do the public think business needs to address?

The IBE has surveyed the British public on these questions since 2003.
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More to Give: London Millennials Networking for a Better World
This report More to Give: London Millennials Networking for a Better World presents findings on donor networking, the second part of London-wide research on giving commissioned by City Philanthropy.The first part More to Give: London Millennials Working towards a Better World looked at the charitable involvement of London workers generally, revealing enormous potential for philanthropy among younger millennial (aged under 35) employees if given the right encouragement.
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Lost in transition
A new study published by London-based organisation Carbon Tracker Initiative contends that advances in technology, slower economic growth and lower than expected population rise could all dampen fossil fuel demand significantly by 2040.
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Responsible Capitalism and Diversity
On the surface, corporate Britain has made great strides in improving its record on diversity: There are greater numbers of women and ethnic minorities in increasingly senior positions. Even in male-dominated sectors, such as financial services, some of the most important leadership positions – US Federal Reserve Chair, Managing Director of the IMF, head of the US Securities and Exchange Commission – are now held by women.
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McKinsey Global Institute Power of Parity
Using a ‘best in region’ scenario in which all countries match the rate of improvement of the fastest-improving country in their region, means that $12 trillion, or 11 per cent, could be added in annual 2025 GDP. In a ‘full potential’ scenario in which women play an identical role in labour markets to that of men, as much as $28 trillion, or 26 per cent, could be added.
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Mark Evans 17/07/2017
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