BMW joins responsible mining group

BMW has joined IRMA (the Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance), becoming the first major car manufacturer to do so.

As BMW speeds up its plans to create an electric range, it has also faced up to the issue that the materials required for EVS is not always ethically sourced, and many components might be considered highly damaging to the environment, both in their extraction and disposal.

BMW has already announced that it will be sourcing all the elements needed for its batteries ethically and stated its aim that, in future, BMW-developed batteries will not require ecologically damaging raw materials.

BMW has now also announced it will join IRMA, to help transform the industrial mining sector towards more responsible practices.

IRMA helps non-profit organisations, unions, local communities and businesses work together with the mining industry to provide more transparency in the supply chain and monitors mine sites for health and safety, human rights, pollution control, and land reclamation and other ethical issues.

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