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As the publishers of Charity Times we have recorded and reviewed the UK not-for-profit sector for over two decades, creating the first national charity awards and first sector email news amongst other things.

But corporates have, rightly, been supporting social, environmental and ethical issues both indirectly and directly for a very long time, without the same coverage. So we have created our website to recognise their endeavours, bringing together the elements that together can create a consistent holistic approach.

1. Environment & Sustainability
2. Diversity & Equality
3. Community & Giving
4. Ethical Business & Investment
5. Communications
6. Governance & Transparency
7. Policy

Of course, our website covers more than this, such as what really makes an ethical policy robust, so please come and have a look at the site.

Mark Evans 17/07/2017
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Communications and Governance

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You can change these at any time, but you will need to allow a cookie to be set.
Mark Evans 16/08/2017
Welcome to Better Match
Communications and Governance
Better Match is a FREE online service for corporates and not-for-profits. The concept is to allow corporates with resources (such as skill specific volunteering hours, equipment, grants or training) to offer these to a wide audience that can then contact them. Likewise not-for-profits can request non-monetary resources or display requests for partnerships and seek responses.
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