BT Group launches circular Manifesto

BT Group has announced a new manifesto to create responsible growth and address the rising e-waste challenge by building towards a circular economy by 2030 and a circular technology and telecommunications ecosystem by 2040.

This will be achieved by creating products, networks, and operations based on the circular economy model including the redesign, re-use and recycling of devices, hardware and their packaging.

The new business-wide plan aims to ensure growth is responsible, inclusive, and sustainable. The new BT Group Manifesto outlines the action the business is taking, and the measurable commitments it has put in place, to create greater impact with a clear commercial agenda in several areas.

BT Group has existing goals to achieve net-zero carbon emissions from its own operations by 2030 and to help 25m people across the UK improve their digital skills by 2025. As part of the Manifesto, the business is adding new goals to help its customers reduce their own carbon emissions by 60m tonnes by 2030, build towards a circular BT by 2030 and launch a new movement to improve the UK’s diverse digital talent pipeline.

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