PM sets out ten-point green plan

Boris Johnson has set out plans for his £12bn “green industrial revolution” in a little more detail, saying that “now is the time to plan for a green recovery”.

In an article on the Government website and given to the Financial Times, Johnson packs in several well-used phrases, including the inevitable ‘levelling up’ and stylised flourishes, but the intent is there in the detailing of the ten points. These are:

• To make enough offshore capacity to power every home by 2030.
• Toturn water into energy with up to £500m of investment in hydrogen.
• New nuclear power, from large scale to small and advanced modular reactors.
• Investing £2.8bn in electric vehicles, charging points and gigafactories.
• cleaner public transport and cycle lanes.
• zero emission planes and ships.
• Investing £1bn in building efficiencies.
• Creating carbon capture and storage, backed by £1bn.
• Planting 30,000 hectares of trees every year by 2025.
• A £1bn energy innovation fund.

The Prime Minister was careful to highlight the potential for new jobs in the sector, and in particular in areas of the new ‘Blue Wall’, where t is rumoured Dominic Cummings felt such green policies would lose votes.
Johnson has promised to establish Task Force Net Zero committed to reaching net zero by 2050, and the announcement comes as the sale on new petrol and diesel cars will be banned from 2030.

Welcoming Boris Johnson’s Ten-Point Plan for a green economic recovery, RenewableUK's Deputy chief executive Melanie Onn said: "The Prime Minister has set out an ambitious plan for a new green industrial revolution, with low-cost renewable energy at its heart. The Prime Minister’s new 2030 hydrogen target is a vital signal to investors and the market, and we will work with Government to ensure our world-leading renewable hydrogen technologies play a full part in meeting that target.”

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