Sweden and UK head climate protection, but no countries in top three

The annual Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) monitors the climate protection performance of 57 countries and the EU, and despite significant changes there is still no country that is high enough rated to meet any of the top three positions.

As with previous reports, the first three ranks of the overall ranking remain empty, and from the G20 countries, this year, only the UK, India and the EU as a whole, rank among high performers while six G20 countries rank under very low performers.

Hungary and Slovenia supersede Poland as the worst performing EU country in this year’s index, all of them ranked as very low performers. Seven EU countries (excluding the UK) and the EU as a whole rank under high performers this year.

However, the report still sees reasons for optimism about the direction of recovery from the pandemic but notes that a low-carbon economic transition relies on the next steps.

Full report here.

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