Oil and gas emissions 300% claimed level

Global greenhouse gas emissions from oil and gas are up to three times higher than fossil fuel polluters claim.

Climate TRACE has released the most detailed facility-level global inventory of greenhouse gas emissions to date. The 70,000 individual sites, including specific power plants, steel mills, urban road networks, and oil and gas fields, represent the top known sources of emissions in the power sector, oil and gas production and refining, shipping, aviation, mining, waste, agriculture, road transportation, and the production of steel, cement, and aluminium.

Unveiled at COP27 the report found that, of the 50 biggest polluters, half are oil and gas fields, and that the authorities running these projects also often “significantly underestimate” their emissions impact. Globally, emissions from oil and gas production are significantly underreported, with the data showing that of the countries required to report regularly to the UNFCCC, emissions are as much as three times higher than that stated.

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