COP27: Increase in fossil fuel lobbyists

A new analysis released by Global Witness together with Corporate Accountability and Corporate Europe Observatory has identified at least 636 fossil lobbyists who have been granted access to COP27.

Global Witness defines a fossil fuel lobbyists as a person who has links to companies with significant business activities in fossil fuels, or who are attending the talks as part of a trade body representing fossil fuel interests, it therefore does not discriminate between those from companies actively transitioning and lobbying against climate related restrictions.

Conversely, the estimate is likely to be conservative, as the methodology relies on delegates to the talks disclosing their own connections to fossil fuel interests, and many lobbyists may choose to obscure that link.

The UEA topped the list with 70 delegates, followed by Russia (33, more than one in five of the country’s total) and Kenya and the Congo, both with 12.

Overall, over 100 more fossil fuel lobbyists are at COP27 than at COP26.

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