Two thirds of UK savers want their investments to consider impact on people and planet

The Department for International Development (DFID) has released a comprehensive study of the UK public’s demand for sustainable investment opportunities.

The survey found that over two thirds (68 per cent) of UK savers want their investments to consider the impact on people and planet alongside financial performance, with these concerns greatest for people with investible assets over £25,000, millennials and women.

However, the survey suggests that many people aren’t investing this way because the industry still needs to further improve the availability and accessibility of products and raise standards and develop common terminology on sustainability and impact. In fact, less than half of the sample (46 per cent) are aware of responsible and impact investment.

More generally, care for the environment is evidenced by a majority of people exhibiting sustainable behaviours, such as recycling and reduced plastic use. A further 46 per cent say it is important businesses and financial institutions do good and avoid harm to people and the planet.

In investment terms, over half say they are interested in investing sustainably now or in the future, with a quarter interested in investing in Africa.

Almost 30 per cent of people who currently hold investments place impact on people and planet among their top five most important factors when making an investment decision, and almost half of respondents would want their pension to be switched if they found out it was invested in a way that was against their values - 6.6 per cent of people say they would opt for a fully or partially sustainable pension if they were given the choice.

DFID engaged the UK public to better understand how people want their savings and pensions to be managed, surveying over 6,000 people. To complement the survey, there was also consultation with over 2,000 people through digital feedback forms and events and the investment industry and other stakeholders were engaged through 44 expert interviews and roundtables

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