E10 petrol set for September 2021 launch

E10 fuel, a blend of petrol and ethanol, will be available by September 2021 as the UK attempts to further reduce carbon emissions from transport.

The fuel, which is made from materials including low-grade grains, sugars and waste wood, will also provide a boost to job opportunities in the North East, securing jobs with the reopening of AB Sugar’s Vivergo plant, and increasing production at existing biofuel plants including Ensus.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said: “Although more and more motorists are driving electric vehicles, there are steps we can take to reduce emissions from the millions of vehicles already on our roads – the small switch to E10 petrol will help drivers across the country reduce the environmental impact of every journey, as we build back greener.”

Tw petrol blends are currently widely available in the UK contain no more than 5 per cent ethanol, known as E5; the fuel being rolled out in September has up to 10 per cent – as the name suggests.

Older vehicles, including classic cars and some from the early 2000s, will continue to need E5 fuel, which is why supplies of E5 petrol will be maintained in the ‘super’ grade.

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