ENGIE launches carbon intelligence platform

ENGIE has announce the launch of Ellipse, a comprehensive carbon intelligence platform on the market enabling businesses to track their emissions in real-time, design decarbonisation strategies and chart their progress and optimise sustainability investments.

Ellipse offers a solution for organisations that need access to data analytics that provide an accurate representation of their carbon output to execute on aggressive climate goals and accelerate global sustainability transformations, providing a unified, accurate view of carbon emissions across an organisation’s entire portfolio and supply chain.

“As a global leader in the zero-carbon transition, ENGIE developed Ellipse in support of businesses faced with the growing urgency to reduce carbon emissions and implement a strategic action plan”, said Catherine MacGregor, ENGIE CEO. “A true sustainability transformation requires significant investment, organisational transformation and a reimagining of business strategies, alongside the continuous consolidation of disparate data. Ellipse works as a strategic tool to help organisations make informed decisions and reach their net-zero emission goals.”

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