Ford of Europe joins the call for a sustainable Europe

Ford Motor Company has joined the New Deal for Europe initiative to foster greater cooperation between businesses, governments, organisations and policy-makers to develop a comprehensive sustainable Europe based on the United Nations Development Goals and the Paris Climate Accord.

Initiated by CSR Europe, the European business network for Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility, the call-to-action has been endorsed by more than 200 CEOs and company leaders, including Stuart Rowley, president, Ford of Europe.

“When businesses and governments introduce sustainability measures, they tend to put their own interests first. But climate change is an issue that affects us all, and it requires acting out of the interests of everyone. What better way to initiate that than by calling for widespread collaboration across industries, communities and borders, which can have the biggest impact and help us reach our sustainability goals together,” Rowley said.

Ford has for 20 years published its sustainability report, with the company setting new sustainability targets each year. Key Ford sustainability goals include eliminating single-use plastics from operations by 2030 and using 100 per cent renewable energy for all manufacturing plants globally by 2035. Ford has also produced its own climate change report.

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