EU target for net zero emissions gains support

Despite the disparate energy policies of the EU and differing geopolitical reasons for them, the EU is attempting to follow the UK’s lead toward a net zero carbon policy by 2050.

Such a proposal has had problems gaining widespread support, but the Financial Times is reporting that Germany has now decided to support the move, increasing the likelihood an EU-wide 2050 goal will be agreed.

It is pure speculation, but it is possible that Chancellor Angela Merkel is changing her position as she prepares to step down, in much the same way that it was suggested that Theresa May wishes to leave socially and environmentally positive legacy. It could also be due to the success of the green party Die Grünen, and a more pragmatic response to its popularity.

Any agreement would allow the EU to take a concrete commitment to the UN climate conference in September, and as reported on this site, the current levels of action will not allow the EU to meet its targets in all areas.

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