Hydrogen gets another lift

One of the problems that has confronted the adoption of hydrogen as a fuel is the need for high pressure (and heavy) containers. That, and the related issue of its tendency to explore in spectacular fashion. Now both issues might have a resolution.

H2GO Power is new company that aims to create hydrogen energy storage technology that is lighter and safer.

The advantages of hydrogen over direct electric production is that it can be produced locally, meaning that there are lower transmission losses or energy costs in transportation. The process is compatible with solar or wind energy and the waste product is water.

In the H2GO Power solution, instead of a high-pressure cylinder, hydrogen is stored as a low-pressure solid-state carbon-free fuel with the release of hydrogen on-demand through a reactor. This reactor is so light that a small version can be used, and is being tested, on a drone.

As such, it is claimed that the process is 50 per cent lighter, creates three times the lifetime and twice the energy storage over typical Li-ion batteries.

The company sees applications in units the size of a standard shipping container which can be transported worldwide for use in permanent or temporary cases to alleviate energy poverty globally, and in commercial transport.

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