IPPR calls for Royal Commission on environment

The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) has called for a Royal Commission to assess UK preparedness for nature crises after COVID-19 exposed “fragility” in face of major threats.

In a report following a year-long investigation into environmental breakdown, the left-wing think tank described the UK as “acutely vulnerable” to the impacts of the climate and nature crisis and unprepared for the policy challenge ahead.

The report states that nothing less than the overall transformation of society and the economy is required to fairly bring human activity within sustainable limits and prepare us for the consequences of the damage already caused to nature.

To meet this challenge, the report calls for an overhaul of policymaking. Key to this is the establishment of a Royal Commission on Preparations for Environmental Breakdown. The commission should assess the UK’s preparedness, covering everything from supply chains and resource management to foreign and security policy. It would also establish the criteria by which the UK’s preparedness can be assessed. The body would also play a vital role in conveying the necessity and scale of action required, to policy makers and the public.

Luke Murphy, head of the IPPR Environmental Justice Commission, said: “But the UK is not alone. Countries around the world are unprepared to tackle the crisis of environmental breakdown. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the UK can take a lead as host of COP 26 to try and help build an era of unprecedented global cooperation and a brighter future for all.”

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