Companies progress on recycling but not fast enough

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation has released its second Global Commitment progress report showing that the group, that includes such companies as ASOS, M&S, Super dry and Unilever, has made progress in their first year after signing the Global Commitment, but a substantial acceleration of progress will be needed in the coming years to achieve the 2025 targets.

Significant advances have been made in two key areas: the incorporation of recycled content in plastic packaging, and the phase out of the most commonly identified problematic categories of plastic packaging, such as PS, PVC, undetectable carbon black, single-use plastic bags, and straws.

However, there has been limited progress on increasing recyclability of plastic packaging and on reducing the need for single-use packaging altogether: progress on shifting towards reusable packaging is limited, and elimination efforts remain focused on a relatively small set of materials and formats.

There are also significant differences in the rate of progress between signatories – while some have taken big steps forward, others have shown little to no progress against quantitative targets.

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