Power could be negative by 2033

National Grid ESO has predicted that reaching net-zero carbon emissions from the power sector is possible by as early as 2033, but immediate action across areas will be needed to achieve this goal and net-zero as a country by 2050.

In its Future Energy Scenarios report three out of the four models indicated the UK could hit net-zero by 2050 or earlier, but in order to do this four key elements need to be in place: the immediate action across all key technologies and policy areas, and full engagement across society and end consumers, hydrogen and carbon capture and storage must be deployed for net-zero, the economics of energy supply and demand fundamentally shift in a net-zero world, and open data and digitalisation must be used to underpin the whole system.

Charging of EV at off-peak times, uses of heat pumps and much higher levels of insulation are areas where consumers could help tip the balance – backed by governmental policies.

Head of strategy, Mark Herring, said: “Across all scenarios, we see a growth in renewable energy generation, including significant expansion in installed offshore wind capacity. There is a widespread uptake in domestic electric vehicles, and growth and investment in hydrogen and carbon capture technologies too. Our new analysis of the level of societal change needed to achieve net-zero also shows that consumers need greater understanding of how their energy use impacts the wider system, and how changes to their lifestyle have an impact on net-zero ambitions.”

Report here.

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