Organisations propose sustainability through AI

A letter signed by 27 entities including energy providers like OVO Energy and Bulb, energy operators like National Grid ESO, environmental activism groups like Greenpeace, and universities like Oxford and Cambridge, claims that “bold and urgent action” must be taken from governments to meet the Paris Agreement’s 1.5 degree average temperature rise objective. The group points to artificial intelligence (AI) as an avenue toward these goals.

As energy sources become increasingly renewable, the letter claims that there will be an increasing need for technology that can manage and predict the more complex aspects of new infrastructure and energy systems. The letter claims that AI will become essential in managing complex systems and analysing data. It references research that has shown AI’s potential to reduce global emissions by up to four per cent, while increasing a country’s GDP by 4.4 per cent. The letter identifies the UK as a global leader in AI development, and urges the UK Government to apply these developments to the energy industry. In order to promote the application of AI to energy production, the group proposes an International Centre for AI, Energy and Climate, an organisation that would provide AI consultation to governments and involve machine-learning in the sector’s operations. The letter recognises that AI developments will likely come mostly from the private sector, but emphasises the importance of using it for the public good, facilitated by the Government.

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