Electric cars 4th biggest automotive online search

Coming ahead sports cars, city cars and midsize executive segments, electric cars are the UK’s fourth most researched areas online, with only compact, supermini and SUVs segments of the car market rating higher.

Measurement company Sophus3’s analysis of over one billion digital interactions on car brand websites in 2018 has identified pure and hybrid electric cars having a total of 5.44 per cent of all visits. Sophus3’s analytics also monitor how potential electric car buyers behave online – finding that that electric car considerers spend over 33 per cent more time on model pages than traditional car researchers.

Scott Gairns, Sophus3, MD, noted: “If electric car adoption is to integrate with the current imbalance between consumer, political and industry demand and challenges, then understanding how potential electric car adopters are searching, and what information they are searching for, is vital.”

Sophus3’s electric car analysis in 2018 shows the Nissan Leaf as the stand-out performer in the segment. The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV comes in a strong second, followed by the VW e-Golf, with the remaining electric cars indicating strong interest in car brands’ bespoke electric offerings over straightforward electric versions of existing ICE cars.

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