V2G get commercial trial

The UK’s largest fully electric vehicle (EV) delivery service, Gnewt by Menzies Distribution, is to trial the use of Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology.

The trial forms part of the E-Flex programme, a V2G demonstrator project led by Cisco, that will explore the commercial opportunities of smarter electricity use and the ability for EVs to release energy back into the grid when not in use.

“Over ten years, Gnewt has delivered ten million parcels across London and minimising the environmental impact of our fleet is one of our core values and fundamental to our strategy. Using EVs, we’ve reduced Co2 emissions by 67 per cent.” said Sam Clarke, founder and head of business development at Gnewt. “While EVs are critical for a cleaner future, the intense use of the national grid is something we’re looking to reduce our role in.”

E-Flex will install bidirectional chargers at Gnewt’s main depot in East London. With V2G infrastructure in place, electricity can be bought and taken from the grid at off-peak times when it is less expensive. It can also be sold and released back to the grid when energy is in high demand and consumption is more expensive. E-Flex plans to connect 200 electric vehicles in a real-world V2G testing environment and is currently seeking fleet owners to test the technology with.

Details here.

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