Vodafone builds self-powered phone masts

Vodafone is working with Crossflow Energy and Cornerstone to deploy self-powered mobile masts, with trial deployment starting this year.

The ‘Eco-Towers’ self-powered design would enable the most remote parts of the UK to gain coverage, and support Vodafone’s target of achieving net zero for its UK operations by 2027.

For the last two years, Vodafone and Crossflow Energy have been collaborating on the development of Crossflow Energy’s innovative wind turbine technology, combined with the latest in solar and battery technologies, to create a self-powered mobile network tower. Vodafone, alongside network partner Cornerstone, will now run a proof of concept to install Crossflow Turbine technology on rural mobile sites.

Andrea Dona, chief network officer, Vodafone UK, said: “Our approach to managing our network as responsibly as possible is very simple: we put sustainability at the heart of every decision. There is no silver bullet to reducing energy consumption, but each of these steps forward takes us closer to achieving net zero for our UK operations by 2027.”

Crossflow Energy has developed a unique transverse axis wind turbine which addresses the historical drawbacks of conventional ‘small wind’. The highly efficient and reliable turbine incorporates a patented shield which delivers optimum lift and drag performance across a wide range of wind speeds. The simple design with low rotational speed and minimal vibration addresses the primary operational, environmental and ecological, maintenance and footprint concerns associated with conventional ‘small wind’ technology.

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