Worley partners Plug and Play to address energy challenges

Australian engineering company Worley has announced its partnership with Silicon Valley start-up Plug and Play Energy, to help transition the energy sector to more digitally-focused operations as well as address challenges and opportunities in new energy.

Plug and Play Energy runs business acceleration programmes in 21 locations globally, including Silicon Valley and Houston. Companies in its community have raised over $7bn in funding, with successful portfolio exits including Dropbox, LendingClub, PayPal and Zoosk.

The partnership demonstrates the desire of established players to ‘buy into’ the potentially disruptive ideas of start-ups as they themselves attempt to move to new and renewable solutions. Similar moves to buy or partner have been made by may companies, including energy giants such as BP and Shell.

Bradley Andrews, Worley’s president of digital, commented on the announcement: “Plug and Play is a leading incubator of emerging technology and I’m already impressed by the calibre of solutions we now have access to through our partnership. And it’s not just solutions specific to the energy industry. We can now see what’s being developed in other industries and apply these learnings to identify practical solutions for our customers, ultimately helping us to better understand where shifts are occurring and stay at the forefront of technological innovation.”

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