Street charging to get a boost

ZipCharge Go is a power pack that can be charged inside the home then used to charge EVs on the street or in remote locations.

The concept, on track to ship to customers in early 2023, resembles a wheelie suitcase and could remove a common barrier to EV ownership – by bringing the possibility of home charging to anyone who can’t currently plug-in at their house. In the UK alone, 8.5 million or 40 per cent of car-owning households are without designated or off-street parking. Elsewhere, this figure reaches 60 per cent for example in Italy, Spain, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea and in major cities in the US, China and India.

The compact and lightweight bi-directional AC-DC converter utilises the latest high efficiency silicon carbide (SiC) semiconductors found in modern electric vehicles. When coupled with ZipCharge’s software it will enable the Go to be charged at home, using a standard single-phase supply in just over one hour. It can then be connected to an EV wherever it is parked and deliver 20 to 40 miles of range in around 30-60 minutes, depending on the capacity of the Go charger.

In tandem with hardware testing, the ZipCharge engineering team is also developing bespoke control software and a dedicated mobile application that will allow users to optimise the operation of the portable EV powerbank. This incorporates a suite of security features, including user authentication and the ability to remotely monitor, track and disable the Go charger from their mobile phone, anywhere.

If manufacturers incorporate a charging interface to their EVs’ boot, then a completely contained method for on street charging could be created and a significant jump could be made in the availability of EVs to all.

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