From rooftop to Blockchain

A pilot open-source toolkit for renewable energy and carbon markets has been created, that will assess the potential benefits of blockchain technology to improve the security, transparency, and costs.

Energy Web Origin has been built by the Energy Web Foundation (EWF) and PJM Environmental Information Services (PJM-EIS) to track solar, wind energy credits in the US power market.

EWF is developing EW Origin as an open-source toolkit for issuing bodies and registries across the globe that oversee renewable energy certificate (REC), guarantee of origin (GO), international renewable energy certificate (I-REC), and other similar green energy attribute systems.

EWF’s goal with the collaboration is to demonstrate how large numbers of distributed energy assets—in the tens or hundreds of thousands—can participate in renewable energy certificate markets, operating at a price point where it is economically feasible to bring even small rooftop solar installations to these markets.

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