A lack of leadership halting action on climate change

In a new report, the Climate Change Committee (CCC) offers new analysis of the UK’s adaptation investment priorities, finding that new investment of the order of £10bn per year will be needed to prepare the UK for expected climate change. That figure could rise further with more dangerous levels of global warming.

In common with Net Zero, this major programme of investment is required to meet the UK’s adaptation needs. But unlike Net Zero, the Government has not defined its priorities and has been too slow to react. That uncertainty is preventing progress on appraising the country’s investment needs and closing the adaptation gap.

Baroness Brown, Chair of the Adaptation Committee at the CCC said: “Our last major assessment of the UK’s climate risk found that climate impacts have increased in the UK but that actions to prepare us are not keeping pace. It is no secret that the UK is now experiencing a range of damaging consequences of climate change, but adaptation in the UK remains chronically underfunded and overlooked. This must change.”

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