The first citizens' assembly on climate change to meet

The UK’s first citizens’ assembly on climate change is preparing to meet for the first time, with over one hundred assembly members tasked with making recommendations to government, businesses and public. Working with academic and advisory panels, it will consider how the UK can reach the goal of being carbon net-zero by 2050.

The Climate Assembly UK will meet for the first time at the end of January and will have three further weekend meetings before the end of March. At each weekend Members will consider a range of climate-focused topics including transport, energy use in the home, agriculture and consumer choices.

Three groups of experts are considering the Assembly in detail: The Expert Leads ensures that Climate Assembly UK upholds the key principles of balance, accuracy and comprehensiveness, and that the assembly focuses on key questions about how to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

The Advisory Panel is made up of key stakeholders with an interest or expertise in the areas of climate change that Climate Assembly UK will examine. The Panel offers feedback to the Expert Leads on key aspects of the assembly’s design, such as who is invited to speak, the topics of discussion, and the balance of information provided.

The Academic Panel is made up of researchers working on areas of climate change to be covered by the assembly. The Panel will use its expert knowledge to review written briefings for Assembly members and to support the Expert Leads in their role.

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