Nasdaq launches first carbon removal Indexes

Nasdaq has launched new commodity reference price indexes to support standardisation and transparency in the carbon removal market.

The indexes are the first in the world to track the price of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and will follow the price of Carbon Removal Certificates (CORCs) issued by By providing access to reference prices for carbon removal, Nasdaq aims to create the transparency needed to encourage investment and support project financing decisions. is a marketplace for carbon removal in which Nasdaq acquired a majority stake in June 2021. The main index, CORC Carbon Removal Price Index (CORCX), reflects the cost of sequestering one tonne of carbon dioxide based on CORC transactions from all engineered carbon removal methods supported by the Puro Standard.

The CORC Biochar Price Index (CORCCHAR) and the CORC Bio-based Construction Materials Price Index (CORCWOOD) reflect the price of carbon removal in the form of biochar, and bio-based construction materials such as wooden building elements, respectively.

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