Renault’s recycled fabric

Groupe Renault, Les Filatures du Parc and Adient Fabrics have created a new fabric made from recycled safety belts, textile scraps and plastic bottles for the Renault Zoe, reducing the carbon footprint by 60 per cent compared to the standard process.

The fabric will be used in the interior of the New Renault Zoe, covering a total area of eight square metres including the seat covers, dashboard coverings, gear lever brackets and door fittings.

Jean-Philippe Hermine, director of environmental strategy and planning for Groupe Renault, said: “With the support of our partners Filatures du Parc and Adient Fabrics, we are demonstrating that it is possible to implement circular and competitive development models focused on resources, while acquiring a valuable competitive advantage at a time when the availability and cost of raw materials are becoming a real strategic issue.”

In addition to recycled fibre, Groupe Renault is rolling out many material loops, particularly for copper, plastic, platinoids and ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The New Zoe also incorporates 17.5kg of recycled plastic, some of which is used for the first time in our range in visible parts in the passenger compartment, such as low polypropylene interior cabinetry.

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