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Indonesia, one of the world’s biggest emitters of greenhouse gases, has become the first country in Asia to sell green bonds internationally. Last week the Indonesian government sold $1.25 billion in five year green Sukuk bonds, which also conform to Islamic rules on finance. Proceeds from the green bonds will be used to finance renewable energy, green tourism and waste management projects.

Insurance giant Generali Group has approved a new climate change strategy that will involve divesting €2 billion from coal and investing €3.5 billion in green investments, mainly through green bonds and green infrastructures, by 2020. It will also increase the percentage of its premium portfolio related to the renewable energy sector and extend its range of retail and SME products offering environmental value, such as those covering sustainable transport and energy efficiency.

Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland are achieving significant progress in issuing green bonds. The four Nordic countries now issue 6.7 per cent of global cumulative green bond issue volumes and 18.5 per cent of European issuance, with Sweden consolidating its position as a leading nation in the global green bond landscape, according to a new report from not-for-profit organisation the Climate Bonds Initiative.

The University of Edinburgh has announced full divestment from fossil fuels, following a decision in May 2015 where the University committed to moving out of investment in the heaviest polluting fossil fuel companies.

The Rt Hon. Nicky Morgan MP, chair of the Treasury Committee, has written to 33 firms in the financial services industry that are yet to sign up to the Women in Finance Charter.

A group of investors with over USD2tr of assets has backed a report that criticises the banking sector’s “skin deep” attempts to capture climate risks and opportunities.

A coalition of 57 investors worth USD2.4tr is pushing for alternative protein sources, and has produced a report, Plant-based profits, to lay out the concept.

Ethisphere’ World’s Most Ethical Companies has been published, identifying three UK companies as having a critical role in influencing ethical change in the business community and societies.

European insurers have invested more than €1.3bn in Polish coal companies and have signed at least 21 contracts underwriting existing operations and new developments since 2013.

Following substantial growth in the labelled US green bond market in 2017, S&P Global Ratings anticipates next year will be equally impressive.


Mark Evans 17/07/2017
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