KFC takeway Cushon's net-zero pensions

Cushon, a fintech providing workplace pensions, and believed to be the first to offer a net-zero invest strategy, has become the provider to KFC UK & Ireland.

The company, formerly known as Smarterly, launched its default net-zero scheme earlier in the year and with the average UK pension pot financing an average of 23 tonnes of CO2 emissions the immediate effect will be felt. Whilst several funds are working with companies to achieve reductions to net-zero, Cushon states that all investments are net-zero now.

The figure for emissions comes from the equation that the average UK pension pot is £87,947 x FTSE 100 CO2e emissions of 480m tonnes / £1.8 trillion market cap = 0.265 tonnes per £1,000 market cap = equivalent of 23.3 tonnes of CO2 emissions per pension pot.

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