Leading companies ranked on sustainability

EcoAct has published its annual Sustainability Reporting Performance Report, building on a decade of examining how some of the largest companies in the world are acting and reporting on climate change. Starting out as Carbon Clear, then as part of EcoAct – now a part of Atos – the highest performing companies across the CAC 40, Dow 30, FTSE 100 and IBEX 35 have been reviewed and analysed, then ranked.

The report notes that the top scoring companies are going the “extra mile” across all four areas of its scoring methodology: measurement & reporting, strategy & governance, targets & reduction and engagement & innovation. These companies are not only fully disclosing their carbon footprints and actively reducing their emissions across all Scopes but are further engaging their consumers and suppliers as well as other key stakeholders in order to encourage sustainable behaviours across the entirety of their value chain.

The International Top 10 in the ranking are:

1 Microsoft (Dow)
2 Unilever (FTSE)
3 Acciona (IBEX)
5= Landsec (FTSE)
5= Iberdrola (IBEX)
5= BNP Paribas (CAC)
8 Danone (CAC)
9 Ferrovial (IBEX)
10= Red Electrica (IBEX)
10= Apple (Dow)
10= Coca Cola Hbc (FTSE)

The results have in particular highlighted that more companies are assessing and managing climate risks and opportunities facing their business with a massive increase in the number of companies fully aligning to the four pillars of the TCFD recommendations.

The notes that in part the power wielded by the investment community is helping to shape the disclosure landscape and driving forward progress, yet overall performance of the index is still often pulled up by the high performers, and that those lower scoring companies are still failing to step up and address the ever-advancing risks of climate change.

Full report here.

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