National Geographic-P&G coalition push for clean water

Campaign #ActForWater is launching alongside the final episode of P&G and National Geographic's six-part docuseries ACTIVATE, co-produced by Global Citizen and RadicalMedia which sheds light on the issue of drinking water.

The series’ final episode, Clean Water, which airs in the UK at 10pm on Friday 11th October, sees Orange Is the New Black’s Uzo Aduba join Global Citizen as they rally millions around the world to push for clean drinking water and proper sanitation for the world’s most vulnerable people.

“The thing that I would love to see most happen is to really see this moment go from awareness to action”, Aduba explains in Clean Water. “Awareness is deeply important but awareness without the support of action leaves us at a place of just knowing something without affecting change. I’m not interested as a Global Citizen in big promises. I’m interested in promises that can be achieved.”

The episode features the ground-breaking P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water (CSDW) programme as one solution making a transformative difference in communities through providing critical access to clean water. The not-for-profit programme helps those in times of crisis – such as after an earthquake or flood – and in daily life in remote and rural areas.

Marking the UK launch of the final episode of the ACTIVATE series – which documents Global Citizen’s efforts to eradicate extreme poverty by 2030 – P&G will donate one litre of clean water for every online share of the Clean Water episode.

“We’re committed to enabling more access to one of the planet’s most valuable life sources” commented Tom Moody, vice president and managing director of P&G Northern Europe. “No parent should ever have to face the impossible decision of whether to let their child drink contaminated water or deny them access to water – both life-threatening in their own way. We, therefore, want to help support the work already underway around the world to bridge that gap for the millions that still struggle to access something many of us likely take for granted – clean water” Moody added.

For every share of the Clean Water documentary episode with #ActForWater, P&G will donate one litre of clean water to those most in need.

View the documentary here.

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