COP27: Joe Biden rallies and rattles

Joe Biden has made his appearance at COP27, stating that it is a duty and a responsibility of every country to make commitments on climate change.

However, he raised eyebrows and heckles when claiming that the US is a global leader on climate protection.

Biden has indeed passed many laws on climate, but the US remains a significant emitter, only second to China.

Whilst the position as a ‘leader; may be under dispute, Biden is progressing with methane emission laws to curtain the oil and gas industries’ contribution to one of the most harmful gases being released into the atmosphere, and he maintained the pledge that the US will reduce its emissions by 40 per cent by 2030.

The US, UK, EU, Japan, Canada, Norway and Singapore also issued a joint commitment to action on oil industry methane, building on an international deal launched last year and signed by 130 nations to reduce emissions by 30 per cent this decade.

Biden also made a point of recognising the wider impacts of climate change, pointedly referencing Africa, and pledging more money for poorer nations suffering from climate disasters. To some this was good news but news that had been heard before, and currently the US, along with other developed nations, have fallen behind with

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