Climate fund rises from VW’s fines

Like the phoenix arising from ashes, some good has come from bad as the Canadian government is putting money raised from fining VW for its emissions disaster into a climate fund.

The money will invest in community-based projects that can help reduce emissions, using a total $176m in a new Climate Action and Awareness Fund.

The Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Jonathan Wilkinson, announced the creation of the new fund at the same time as launching a request for proposals for community-based climate action projects. A quarter of the available funding will go directly to these projects, such as an active transportation campaign that encourages walking and cycling or an Indigenous group creating a community climate action plan, with the remaining bulk going to three other priority areas: climate youth awareness, engagement and action; climate science and technology; and supporting academia and think tank organisations to better understand Canada’s transition to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Wilkinson commented “The smoke-filled air caused by devastating wildfires on the west coast is yet another example of the effects of a changing climate. As we look to our economic recovery, the Government of Canada is focused on creating good jobs and making life more affordable for Canadians, while fighting climate change. The new Climate Action and Awareness Fund will create jobs for Canadians in science and technology, academia, and at the grassroots community level.”

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