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Triodos Bank UK is partnering with Paces Sheffield, a charity for children and adults with Cerebral Palsy and other neurological motor disorders, to raise £1.5m through a new bond offer on the Triodos Crowdfunding platform.
Make My Money Matter (MMMM) has teamed up with Count Us In and announced the launch of the Green Pensions Charter, which will campaign to ensure pensions are invested more sustainably.
According to Bank.Green’s Money Movement campaign, the world’s 60 largest private-sector banks have poured $3.8tr into fossil fuel projects since the Paris Agreement. The campaign, in partnership with a coalition of movements and organisations including BankTrack and Reclaim Finance, encourages bank customers to take action against their banks.
The UK is investing £10m in a new national green finance research centre that will advise lenders, investors and insurers, enabling them to make environmentally sustainable decisions, and support a greener global economy.
The Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) has written to Governor of the Bank of England urging the Bank to show continued leadership on climate change.
The Principles for Locally Led Adaptation have been unveiled at the start of the Climate Adaptation Summit to ensure climate adaptation is led by local people.
The majority of people in the UK see 2021 as vital for tackling the climate emergency with two thirds (67 per cent) believing the planet is in a worse shape than it has ever been, and that the world needs to act within the next year if it is going to tackle the climate emergency.
A new App, Sugi, has been launched that will enable users to check the carbon impact of their investments.
HSBC and Young Money have launched Money Heroes, a financial education programme centred around an innovative online platform designed to help teachers and parents collaborate on the delivery of meaningful and fun home and school learning.
Over twenty organisations have sent an open letter to the Government calling for the finance industry not to be left out of a proposed new law to tackle the UK’s contribution to global deforestation.
New data analysis reveals that the carbon emissions resulting from six key consumer spending categories fell by almost a third during the national lockdown, with year-on-year emissions remaining much lower than in 2019.
The €1.85tr recovery plan unveiled by the EC , using ‘recovery bonds’ to finance a ‘next generation EU’ could see €500bn of these bonds spent as grants on national projects that could help accelerate the green transition.
Triodos Bank UK has received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the Sustainable Development category.
EU negotiators are agreeing a compromise on its ‘green finance’ regulation – the rules for which financial investments can be labelled environmentally sustainable.
Young people starting their first job should be automatically enrolled in a sustainable pension, the UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association (UKSIF) has argued. UKSIF-commissioned polling shows millennials that want their savings to make a positive impact as well as making money and UKSIF is now urging MPs to support sustainable auto-enrolment.