App to help retail investors ‘green up’

A new App, Sugi, has been launched that will enable users to check the carbon impact of their investments.

Aimed at retail investors, Sugi is the first platform of this type in the growing retail climate awareness market and shows carbon impact s a simple and easy to understand way. It is free to use and shows users the annual carbon impact of each investment in absolute numbers, alongside an industry average and carbon data for similar investments in the market.

The App displays impact data for over 15,000 listed equities, over 3,500 ETFs and a selection of actively managed funds, with plans to introduce a wider range of funds – and more environmental data – in the coming months.

Users link their investment portfolios, which can include ISAs and SIPPs, to Sugi via Moneyhub’s Open Finance API, enabling them to access personalised impact data.

Josh Gregory, CEO and founder of Sugi, said: “While COVID has accelerated awareness and demand of green investing, it’s hard for retail investors to take action. Research shows that over 75 per cent of UK investors want their investments to have a positive impact; however, only a small proportion of people actually follow through with it. The reasons for this vary. Sustainable investing is full of jargon and investors are rightly concerned about greenwashing. Another problem is ESG ratings: they’re meant to simplify complex issues but are themselves very confusing – even for experienced retail investors. All of this ultimately stops more people getting involved.”

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